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Why Am I Getting Happier As I Get Older?

7 minutes read

Our societal and personal narratives on our aging are at odds. Are we bored or content, selfish or stewards, irrelevant or essential?

Future Proofing Your Business: Are You Collectively Agile or Fragile?

3 minutes read

On a mission to cut through the exploding universe of complexity and hype surrounding agility, I progressively arrived at a bottom-line crystallization of what I call C2C: Conversation-Flow to Cash-Flow.

The Illusion Of Control

5 minute read

People seem stressed lately and I think it’s because they feel like things have gotten out of control.  The reality is that things were never really as under control as we thought they were.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.


REF Forum Leader - London
Serial Entrepreneur & CTO

Frank has founded PanTau Invest Ltd, a boutique investment and advisory firm with a focus on incubating and transitioning companies in the entertainment, media and technology segments. Prior to that, he was an early pioneer in the digital entertainment arena. In 2000, he co-founded and led 24-7 Entertainment to become one of Europe’s leading digital entertainment service providers in the industry. He’s also a voting academy member of the BRIT Awards.


Forum Leader - Scotland
Serial Business Leader & Leadership Development Specialist

Les Morgan is a REF Forum Leader and a general ‘make things happen’ individual based in Scotland covering the UK. He has almost 3 decades of experience in the C suite, firstly as the UK’s second youngest local government Chief Executive, then establishing the first call centre in the highlands of Scotland for Cap Gemini, then Scotland’s first Director for The Leadership Trust, followed by 2 decades of running his own business focussed on Leadership, Values and Trust. He was also Chairman 2009 – 2019 of the first charity in Scotland to create, operationalise and measure values, leading to a tripling of income, quadrupling of staff and increasing funders from 2 – 12.


Forum Leader - London
Serial Executive Leader

A well-seasoned and highly accomplished professional with a sizeable tenure. Noel has spent his career accumulating knowledge and achieving set goals by delivering his best at every step of the way to provide optimal results. He has well over 20 years of experience and an extremely successful and proven track record at handling multiple roles. He thrives in fast-paced business environments and cherishes the chance to self-manage things through his innate problem-solving skills. He possesses verifiable leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills that allow him to put across his side of things crisply to peers, colleagues, and management.


Forum Leader - London
Senior Finance Executive

Leonard worked at EY CFO Advisory where we was instrumental in building up their FP&A and Anaplan capability practice. He has a wealth of finance transformation and senior finance business partnering/FP&A experience spanning 18+ years across multiple industries including Banking & Capital Markets, Private Equity, Payments, Digital Marketing, and Retail. Recent engagements include serving as the Finance Transformation Lead on a profitability optimization engagement and leading the change management workstream on an Oracle cloud ERP solution implementation.


Forum Leader - London
Portfolio CEO

I navigate and inspire business start up and scale up founders, CEO’s and investors, in their (ad)ventures to achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions. i am a entrepreneurial director and leader, with first hand experience fo companies at various stages of growth.
As a CEO, I have empowered teams to deliver on the business outcomes required and have often coached the re-design of business processes and value propositions to improve bottom line results by up to 100%. This can be anything from auditing the unit costing and price matrices to researching product market fit and associated marketing costs.