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The Power of Peer Advisory Boards

When you join a Forum Group, you are connected into an exclusive group of 12 to 15 Business Leaders from non-competing industries that meet one morning a month, skillfully guided by a Forum Leader. This Forum Leader curates renowned speakers, experiences, and discussions that generate learning, foster a meaningful exchange of ideas, and help propel each other forward.

Benefits of Joining the Community

The Group not only becomes a high caliber advisory board, but also a Circle of Trust, where you share your professional and personal best practices, forge deep relationships, and feel comfortable showing who you are.
Global Network
Exclusive Insights
Meaningful Relationships
Make Better Decisions
Live Inspiring & Challenging Experiences
Executive Forum has been the space where I can bring crucial decisions to gain perspective and leverage professional and personal growth.
Conor Nicholson
REF member since 2016 Economics at the University of Maryland College Park Founder and CEO at NSS RPO
During my almost 5 years with REF, I have developed deep personal relationships with exceptional business leaders from a broad range of industries.
REF Member
Eric Gowland
REF member since 2017 University of Waterloo, P. Eng. CEO - EDGE
Being part of the Renaissance Executive Forums has given me access and community with the most amazing group of leaders and executives across the country. 
Mari Kurtz
Mari Kurtz
REF member since 2011 President Cal Pal Sheet Metal, Inc. and OC Metals, Inc.
Through encouragement and candid conversations, my peer group has been instrumental in helping me through challenging personal and business issues. They have been an important part of my journey.
Samsong Ling
Samson Ling
REF member since 2017 Wilfrid Laurier University, PhD, MBA President & CEO - Clarion Medical Technologies
Learning from other experiences has helped me make decisions on how to live my life and lead my organization.
Raul Alcalde
Raul Alcalde
REF member Universidad del Pacífico Executive President at Sharff
They are my personal coaches, my professional directory, friends and accomplices. REF is flying with the eagles.
Huberto Chávez
Humberto Chávez
REF member Tecnológico de Monterrey CEO at America Movil Peru
REF gives me holistic personal and professional learning. The groups bring different perspectives to a same problem.
Bárbara Boero
Bárbara Boero
REF member Columbia University - New York City General Manager Komax S.A

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