With 30 years of experience

We aim to become the leading Global Collective Intelligence Community of top-tier Business Leaders

Our organization's


To empower business leaders to be a positive force in the world by accelerating their personal and professional evolution.


In 19 countries and scaling globally through our highly differentiated model.

  • REF, formerly "Renaissance Executive Forums" is a global organization that brings together peer advisory boards for top-tier business executives.

  • Forum Groups are the core of REFs memberships.

  • Members access to the Collective Intelligence of their Peers in an environment of Trust and Confidentiality.

  • Founded in the USA 30 years ago.

  • Peer advisory board comprised by 12 to 15 CEOs, Presidents and Owners. (Depends on membership type) 

  • Non-competing industries

  • Meet one morning a month

  • Facilitated by a certified REF Forum Leader

  • Safe space for discussion and debate

  • Culture of transparency, trust and confidentiality

In their Forum Groups, Members present their most strategic challenges and exchange constructive, actionable advice from a diversity of perspectives. This gives them the clarity they need to find transcendent solutions and achieve their personal, professional and business goals. 

  • Improved Decision-Making

  • Accelerated personal, professional and business growth

  • Global Network of Business Leaders

  • Meaningful Relationships

At REF, members have access to the wisdom that emerges from the Collective Intelligence of leaders with exceptional backgrounds.

  • REF provides a unique space where members gain clarity to make their most important and challenging business, professional and personal decisions.

  • Selective trust-based Forum Groups made up of top-tier business leaders (by invitation only)

  • Forum Groups led by Forum leaders with business experience.

  • Case method.

  • Holistic approach: Personal, professional, and business growth.

  • Continuous education through leading professionals.

  • Introspection, reflection, and planning.


You’re in Good Company

From Members of the corporate world to entrepreneurs leading SME's, REF is the solution to loneliness at the top.