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Why Am I Getting Happier As I Get Older?

7 minutes read

Our societal and personal narratives on our aging are at odds. Are we bored or content, selfish or stewards, irrelevant or essential?


Future Proofing Your Business: Are You Collectively Agile or Fragile?

3 minutes read

On a mission to cut through the exploding universe of complexity and hype surrounding agility, I progressively arrived at a bottom-line crystallization of what I call C2C: Conversation-Flow to Cash-Flow.

The Illusion Of Control

5 minute read

People seem stressed lately and I think it’s because they feel like things have gotten out of control.  The reality is that things were never really as under control as we thought they were. 


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REF Forum Leader - Miami
CEO & President

Founder and CEO of Garwich Group. Director of Think- Thanks Latam a leading digital consulting agency, with presence in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Israel. Member and Forum Leader of REF (Executive Forums) in Miami, a leading peer group organization for business leaders. Director and Partner of Oxford Group in Latin America specializing in the internationalization of Latam businesses in the USA.


Forum Leader - Miami
Executive Advisor, Chairman, Serial Entrepreneur

My experience includes success in building organizational prowess. I’ve hired and developed 1,000+ professionals, grown revenue, and positioned businesses for sale. By creating a robust infrastructure, and instituting processes, I’ve revitalized a multinational organization, turning it into a global leader. I’ve secured millions in funding for start-up and emerging growth operations and championed innovation, positioning companies to succeed in the global marketplace.


Forum Leader - Miami
Senior Managing Partner

Marvin Dejean is a leading business futurist, transformational strategist, and promoter of outcome-driven innovation for corporate and social challenges.

Marvin is setting a new standard for how businesses, non-profits, and governmental agencies ignite human capital, access leadership agility, and drive team performance leading them in tackling some of their most pressing challenges in a rapidly changing world.

He has worked with some of the biggest and most recognizable names in the field of business, government, and philanthropy such as Western Union, The Urban League, Florida Blue, Disney, and Cisco Systems.


Forum Leader - Miami
Business Coach, CEO, Board Member

Business Coach, Board member, and Corporate CEO, with successful growth and transformative P&L assignments for a global manufacturer and supply chain management services company. Oriented to value generation, developing strategic plans with a clear alignment of goals and objectives, transforming business models, with commercial growth and supply chain management efficiencies. Solid skills in strategic planning, business development, team leadership, customer relations, efficiencies, negotiations, and business growth.